Doing light painting with WiFi

In our society we are dealing more and more with immaterial things. E.g. the network city is a good example for that. With the possibility of WiFi new possiblities of working and living in an urban environment are getting provided. The problem is that we as humans get more and more lost to describe what really is happening with that “invisible” technology. The design studio BERG from London and the School of Architecture and Design in Oslo wanted to get closer and was creating gadgets to visualize the unkown in the urban space.

Here you find their brief conclusion of their project.

“The process of designing instruments and techniques are central in our material explorations of technological phenomena. Creating the instruments involve engaging in the practises of developing code, hardware and physical artefacts. Drawing together these practices and their tools to create visualisations and media is a way of unpacking technical phenomena. We hope that this can point towards ways for us as design researchers to engage in, and contribute to the emerging discourses of the networked city.” (

Further informations you can find under the website of


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