“Trains of Thoughts”

An audio-visual underground round-trip  in some of the world’s largest cities.

Check this trailer about the new documentary of Timo Novotny.

New York’s subway is a rest period, a break without an Internet connection, a potential venue for lovers and a place where the whole world together. In Hollywood, the Metro just another film set with palm trees and red light. And in Tokyo’s subway equal opportunity to pawing at a Japanese kvinderøv plus an absolute favorite place for suicide. But what can the underground road network really tell us about a metropolis special aura? In Timo Novotnys audiovisual essay Trains of Thoughtsexamined the subway as much more than just a means of transport. From New York to Los Angeles and from Japan to Hong Kong sucked we literally into an underworld of narrow tunnels, artificial light and dark. The experimental 3D feeling supported by Sofa Surfers gentle and sinister electronic soundtrack, which in turn glimpse Novotnys film for a long sci-fi music video. Between electrotones and galloping speed train, there is also room for moments of contemplative reflection just as in an underground journey through a real city.

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