Medellín River – Cultural activation as a strategy of urban transformation


A a project to transform the use of public space in the Medellín River basin, and to raise awareness of environmental issues related to water use and public space by the el puente_lab.

By conducting cultural artistic actions and interventions, the project aims to create moments of activation of public space in the areas surrounding the river and its creeks, green areas and public places suitable for the dissemination of information on environmental issues. Besides communicate and inform, artistic actions will make a research tool and will be useful to collect data on the use of urban space and the environmental status of the areas where operations shall be implemented.

The artistic interventions initially serve as a communication tool to invite people to the river and its catchment area, providing access to abandoned or misused it can be transformed activating processes leading to sustainable and frequent actions by the community itself.
An important component of the proposed program will be diversification, proposing social responsibility issues, sports, youth culture, micro-economics, market network and the articulation of existing cultural events.

Here a video of different projects of el puente_lab also with the project of the Medellín River

Only Spanish Version

The project will develop a set of tools or “toolbox” culturally targeted to the activation of public space, these instruments are the result of creative processes with the participation of artists and local and foreign experts. The “toolbox” represents a matrix to suit different spaces, responding to the specific needs of each location and taking into account spatial elements, cultural and demographic to create new programs and form hybrid proactive inhabitants. Each location will be “encouraged” by an initial event, which is in fact one of the possible scenarios where spatial and programmatic actions are applied to the “toolbox”. These places can be the river corridor, green areas, parks and city squares. The repetition of activities in these areas will lead to the development of more complex spatial structures and program diversification acted also cause awareness about the area’s future. Through a mediation process in place, this can be transformed into a public space with different uses: cultural, recreational, sports, education, etc.

Further information of the project you can find on
Blog: Carrito Cultural – Dispositivo de Activación Cultural



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