The Rise and Fall of a city – The example of Detroit


The city in the state of Michigan is the birthplace of the modern U.S. auto industry and has spent the last 90 years, pretty much every up and down which the local car industry had affected. This finds its expression in the population. In the year 1910 Detroit had just 470,000 inhabitants, in 1930 there were almost three times as many. 1950, before the first recession since the Second World War, around 1.85 million people lived in the city. Today it is not even half.

For seeing Detroit  in the Past and Now it is not important only using statistical figures from population and employment. A more direct way is to see hundreds of images which have been gathered from photographers for the website


Since a couple of years there is also new efforts on the part of the municicaplity  of Detroit to revive the city and give a new identity. For getting a close look up of some new ideas and the project Transform Detroit has been started. Further information about it on

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