Vacancy detector – Der Leerstandsmelder

At the moment in many cities, people are looking for affordable housing and work spaces. At the same time countless areas are empty whether old or new, whether residential or commercial premises, whether in the center or outside location, whether privately or by the city. Therefore a group of people in Hamburg have found 2 years ago a solution for making it more visible where possible space is in a smart way.

Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 1.39.05 AM

The solution was to  share the information on the Vacancy detectors (Leerstandsmelder) webpage. Vacancies may be entered on the vacancy map of all users direct and straightforward. Thereby gradually results in a collective and freely accessible data and space pool, regardless of urban information channels. In addition, registered users of the vacancy detector exchange about the vacant buildings and ideas to deal constructively with them.

Viele Grüße aus der Leerstandshauptstadt

The vision of this platform is  to extend the platform to other cities but also to take appropriate responsibility with regard to regular quality assurance and a participation in the financing.

If you are interested and the issue might be also interesting for you check their website  (Website is only available in German)


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