The City That Doesn’t Exist – Die Stadt, die es nicht gibt

© Armin Linke

Media and social processes are changing our world and create new spaces of in-between, in which fact and fiction are blurred. Especially photographers but also film and video artists have in recent years addressed the Worldwideand questions our perception of reality. It relates to the everyday practice of the images use in our urban spaces as well as the news images that come to us from around the world. We believe these places to know and yet are always surprised and fascinated by its remoteness.

© Tobias Zielony

The 20 participating photographic, film and video artists show such scenes. The imaginary map of the exhibition ranges from Kohlscheid in Aachen’s periphery to Beijing, from Cairo to Peru, and from Berlin to Chandigarh. Naples, Amsterdam, Fukushima, Hong Kong, Marseille and Bratislava rows on. The result is a mosaic of real and imaginary terrains that make up our world and ultimately reproduce. It is clear that our understanding of the world is composed of very different structural, social, political and cultural parameters. It never comes out without pictures that our intellectual and visual curiosity about other people and other places satisfies.

© Kader Attia

The exhibition runs until the 17th February at Ludwig Forum for International Arts in Aachen/Germany

Further Information about the exhibition

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