City Anagrams – How to rearrange the shape of a city

© Armelle Caron

The French artist Armelle Caron takes maps of cities and reorganizes the individual blocks into ordered rows. This process transforms a chaotic city into a unrecognizable and systematic order of shapes.Giving the cities a new landscape.

© Armelle Caron

NEW YORK CITY (click for a larger image)

Armelle Caron in its urban representations to  propose a new approach to urban morphology. It becomes difficult to get an accurate picture of the city, in units and decompose into a typology. Putting the city flat, the artist gives us a novel morphological profile. Urban characteristics of each urban area appear forcefully: Paris and its peak, New-York and its square, Istanbul and curves. You could almost consider making a new tool for urban analysis and say one day: “Do not you have the electroencephalogram of this city so I have an idea?’
© Armelle Caron
ISTANBUL (click for a larger image)

As a planner, a form gleaned here will inspire a project elsewhere. Unconsciously we are all in this quest a little compulsive world  and perhaps most interesting, decomposing urban forms, the artist invites us to re-examine the concepts that allow us to understand the world. A city reduced it to the different parts which compose it built? The limits and boundaries generally accepted Are the most relevant? Otherwise stored islets lose their meaning to be nothing more than geometric shape. Out of all, it becomes difficult to identify, find them useful.
© Armelle Caron

LE HAVRE (click for a larger image)

The world map works the same abstraction. By juxtaposing the continents emerged parts of the globe, regardless of the limits set by the border man, it is the world order is messed up. We are lost and even so reassured to see that another approach is the space, opening our horizons. In doing so, Armelle Caron gives us a little manual of space. Understand it, this is the first analysis as it is, but it is also extricate concepts that allow us to embrace the sublime.
© Armelle Caron
BERLIN (click for a larger image)

It took years the work of the artist. The “cities rowsdeconstruction plan takes the city to the fragment, and relationships, which were empty, fade in this fragmentation. The instruction subtracts the city and its shape. Conversely, in another of his productions, “cities hollow”, it retains only the fabric, mesh spaces servants in fine cobwebs. Topography becomes an incentive to cut. The tool reading the city, its two-dimensional plane is disassembled into modules singles. These are sorted, stored, assembled in a simple typology by size. Classification of species of land

© Armelle Caron
PARIS (click for a larger image)

For further information about the artist check his website

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