Space Between Amsterdam

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In a joint effort the offices of Non-Fiction, Jarrik OuburgTAAK and Castrum Peregrini Foundation are working on an 0ngoing research and series of artistic and architectural interventions dealing with the many invisible, and largely unknown, alleys and inner courtyards that are hidden in-between and behind Amsterdam’s famous canal houses. This project, called ‘Tussen-ruimte’, or ‘Between-space’, is an attempt to show the transformative potential of this UNESCO World Heritage and to open up some of these spaces for temporary use in order to enhance the area’s livability.

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The source for inspiration cam from artist Gordon Matta-Clark, who in the 1970s discovered that New York was publicly auctioning off slices and slivers of ownerless land. Matta-Clark bought 15 of these ‘odd lots’:  tiny, useless spaces belonging to no one. Matta-Clark amassed an archive of deeds, maps, photographs of every inch of his lands, tax receipts, videotapes and other documents.

In 2005 Queens Museum of Art  invited 19 artists, including Helen Mirra and Dennis Oppenheim, to make speculative proposals and projects for the Fake Estates lots. These were shown at White Columns, the now venerable alternative space originally co-founded by Matta-Clark in SoHo in the 1970s.

To read more about this project, visit Non-Fiction’s site

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