The Megalomaniac Civic Centre


 Portmanteau, is a project highlighting the scar  through the flesh of  Romania’s capital, Bucharest, left by the totalitarian regime of Nicolae Ceausecu.  Dubbed  ” the Socialist Victory”, or today referred to as “the meaglomaniac civic centre”, Ceausecu ordered his systematization to demolish vast portions of the historic and central parts of Bucharest and replace them with giant representation buildings and high-density standardized apartment blocks.
The creators of Portmanteau, Dan Achim and Bogdan llie, refer to this as the baggage of Bucharest’s, and were curious to see the scale of it if they were to take this baggage with them to other parts of the world.
 “We are part of a generation that was born just when the development of this project had started and for us it is part of the city, although because of its political connotations and also its lack of sensibility to the pre-existing situation makes it be regarded as a city within a city.”

Achim and Llie started with a simple question ” we know its a big part of the city but how large is it really? ”

They are wondering how can this be integrated  and developed better for the future of  Bucharest.

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