The Architecture of Life: A Documentary

Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 3.39.39 PM

Biophilic Design: The Architecture of Life is a recent documentary, produced by Dr. Stephen R. Kellert and Bill Finnegan, capturing the  innovative approach of designing the places where we live, work, and learn.  Nature  is a deep and fundamental part to the human experience, yet the planning of cities and suburbs have often been neglectful towards it, and in the process degrade the qualities of nature. Recent trends in green architecture and planning  have had some impact in regards to materials used or methods (green roofs), but it has accomplished little in the way of reconnecting us to the natural world, which Kellert argues is the missing piece in the puzzle of sustainable development.

The documentary explores several buildings and projects  that connect people and nature. For example,  hospitals where patients heal faster, schools where children’s test scores are higher, offices where workers are more productive, and communities where people know more of their neighbors and families thrive. Biophilic Design points the way toward creating healthy and productive habitats for modern humans. For landscape architects this is not a new mindset, but bringing this sensitive approach to urban design and architecture

Dr. Stephen R. Kellert is a distinguished professor  and researcher at  the Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Bill Finnegan is a founding partner of Tamarack Media, a multimedia production company that specializes in telling stories about the relationship between people and nature.

See the trailer below:

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