From Sea to Shining Sea

Evan Mather is a landscape architect with AHBE in Los Angeles, and also a dedicated filmmaker behind Hand Crafted Films.

In what began as, and continues to be, an experiment in time-lapse videos depicting landscapes between cities, From Sea To Shining Sea is Mather’s first feature film celebrating the diversity of the American geophysical landscape. The documentary will race the route from America’s first settlement, Jamestown, Virginia, to San Francisco, California.  The viewer will experience the journey itself primarily via inter-state highway witnessing the shifts in landscape and socially by an interpretive audio collage of notable landscape architects, geographers, journalists, and citizens.

Please take a look at the kickstarter campaign and video below.

Mather’s other film works include portraits of the 110 freeway in Los Angeles; the 1-1/2 drive from Baton Rouge to New Orleans; and 12 Minutes to Vegas.

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