Capturing…a Silent World


Lucie & Simon are contemporary artists of photography and video installations. In their most celebrated work, Silent World, they have used neutral density filters and long exposure photography to eliminate people and cars from busy cities and streets

Their subject matter is conceived by capturing daily life through a quirky lens, creating stories which challenge our perception of reality. From urban or family solitude to existential wanderings, their compositions capture different moods of man’s silent melancholy, focusing on the narrow chink between our existence and the world of dreams. In an enigmatic universe rekindling the memory of Edward Hopper’s paintings, each character seems totally absorbed by the timelessness of dreams.

Using overhead perspectives, working the light in a pictorial way or creating illusions thru filmed images, Lucie & Simon’s work blurs the frontiers between reality and fantasy, giving the spectator the allusion he is entering an inner world hidden from the figures being photographed. Scenes are full of cinematic references often reminding us of David Lynch’s dream-like universe or distress among the younger generation in Gus Van Sant’s work.


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