Urban Earth was founded by Geographer Daniel Raven-Ellison  in an effort to, “explore and (re)present our urban habitats”. Over the last five years the collaborative project has created a network of people who are interested in sharing their urban experiences through video, with major works from Mexico City, London, and Mumbai.   The ‘video-walks’ attempt to reflect social inequalities and cultural landscapes by exploring valleys of violence, peaks of peace, lands of depression, remote urban places and much more. It documents the truth of cities, showing them as they exist and not how people choose to see them.

Raven-Ellison emphasizes that anyone can explore cties and their idosyncratic glory, and the importance of exploring this shifting landscape and gaining a deeper understanding of our built environment and those with whom we share it. He states that, “although we share our cities with millions of other people, we are in many ways more disconnected than ever before, moving from the island of our home to the island of our car to the island of our office”

Watch the info trailer about the project, with specific city videos below.

Mexico City




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