Open Network Ecology

Maria Aiolova is the co-founder of Terreform ONE, a nonprofit organization for architecture, urban, and ecological design. Terreform seeks to improve depressed and derelict urban areas through ecological design. Aiolova was most recently a faculty member at Pratt Institute and has taught at a number of schools, among them the University of Toronto, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston Architectural Center, and Cornell University.

This year she won the 2013 AIA NY Award for Urban Design. She was also the winner of the Victor J. Papanek Social Design Award sponsored by the University of Applied Arts Vienna, the Austrian Cultural Forum, and the Museum of Arts and Design in 2011. Aiolova received her Master of Architecture in Urban Design from Harvard University, B.Arch. from Wentworth IT with Honors, Dipl.-Ing. from the Technical University of Vienna, Austria and Sofia, Bulgaria.

She is a speaker at this years reSITE festival June 20-21 in Prague.


ONE Lab (1L) is the research and education project of Terreform ONE, which began as an extraordinary think tank of architects, engineers, media artists, biologists, ecologists, robotics experts, industrial designers, urban agriculturists, physicists, inventors and planners seeking alternatives to traditional forms of teaching and professional practice. Through this interaction  need for an interdisciplinary pedagogical urban zone was discovered, where students and practitioners can freely inquire, discuss, conduct experiments, and take actions that have a positive effect on the global community and cities.  Current research attempts to establish new forms of knowledge and new processes of practice at the interface of design, technology, engineering, and biology.

See the video below for an insight to the the 1L experience.

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