Thinking the Contemporary Landscape

The current challenge in landscape architecture is to integrate heterogeneous fields of action that are both, physical and philosophical, scientific and poetic integrating past present and future potentials into a single meaningful whole. Topology is a method of design with tools of modelling and visualisation combined capable of responding to a specific terrestrial situation, defining fields of action over time that can merge on the plinth of a larger territorial continuity.

The conference is  organized by the Chair of Landscape Architecture -Prof. Christophe Girot, Head of the Landscape Architecture Department of ETH Zurich and being supported. by the Volkswagenstiftung. The aim is looking for a critical debate about the contemporary intelligence of landscape at a time of relentless conceptual oscillation and uncertainty. Outstanding thinkers and practitioners will share their thoughts and convictions, to help shed light on a multitude of issues, on one of the most ill-defined concepts of our age – call it landscape if you will. Lectures and discussions will gravitate around the following three main topics: Science and Memory, Power and Terrain, Method and Design.

Confirmed speakers at the conference are:

James Corner, Georges Descombes, Vittoria Di Palma, Anette Freytag, Adriaan Geuze, Christophe Girot, Kathryn Gustafson, Kristina Hill, David Leatherbarrow, Saskia Sassen, Hille von Seggern, Charles Waldheim, Kongjian Yu

It will take place from the 20th – 22nd June, Herrenhausen Palace / Hanover / Germany

Further information can be found at the website of the Chair of Landscape Architeccture – ETH Zurich or the Volkswagenstiftung.

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