Memories of architectural landscapes

Snøhetta is an architecture, landscape architecture  and design firm based in Oslo and New York. It is named after a famous mountain in Norway.


Memories of Architectural Landscapes is  a 30 minute short film narrated by Kjetil T. Thorsen, co-founder of  Snøhetta. The film begins with an insight on how the firm’s philosophy relates to landscapes,  how they are a “massive force…and they are masterpieces, which architects can be inspired by.”

The film has five chapters touching upon philosophy, working within different cultures,  and the responsibilities of architecture . Moreover, Thorsen reflects upon some of Snøhetta’s major landmarks such as the Alexandria Library, the opera house in Oslo and The 9/11 Memorial Pavilion on Ground Zero in New York.

The film explores the strong bond between architecture and society, and in conjunction human behavior. The integrity found in the values of the Nordic welfare state are a major theme in Snøhetta’s work, such as transparency, social sustainability, equality, availability and humanism.

Watch the video below.

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