How Strom Water Managment can turn into a skatepark

Global climate is changing local climate conditions, as in Denmark which has repeatedly been hit by heavy rainstorms, causing flooded roads and houses. For preventing this in the future, a series of large scale drainage projects had been initiated. On of these projects is the drainage canal at Rabalder Park in Roskilde. But what makes this project so different to others, because this new development is not only a part of a rainwater drainage system. It is also a part of a recreational skate park.

The skatepark is part of a larger design project called MUSICON in the municipality of Roskilde. It will transform the area of a former concrete factory into housing, office spaces, artist studios and a museum. The park should offer a place for jogging, fitness and function as a hanging out spot.



So if it rains the skatepark is placed the it will be filled approximately once every 10 years. That means that it won’t have that big impact on the use of the skatepark but offers a smart combination between Storm Water Management and a sport facility in an urban setting.



More information can be found at NORDARCH who where responsible for the design of the area.

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