Derive – Urban Exploration App

For the situationists, dérive is the primary technique for exploring an urban landscape’s psychogeography and engaging in new experiences. Today smartphones are becoming individual city guides for resident and vistors for exploring the urban landscape. But many are similar in in terms of sightseeing, public use, “secret” restaurant or the recommendations from insiders. In interesting app is the Dérive app, where the mobile city experience meets what the Siutationists had in mind. The application was developed by the architect Eduardo Cachucho from Johannesburg. The app enables users to explore the urban atmosphere in a totally new way through the use of randomly drawn task cards that tell you what to do. Creating a sense of urgency in the exploration for new objects, things, colors and people to follow, find and experience. The city and its environment is getting explored in an playfully but also critically way.

The active engagement of communities in their urban spaces unleashes in them new understanding of their urban surroundings, to open up channels of dialog between individuals and groups through a device that makes the unpacking of urban space part of a game. The task cards that are dealt are created with the intention of heightening the experience of the city for the user, by calling them out to search for specific architectural, urban or social points of interest, thus allowing users of the application to see their urban spaces in a different light.

Further information can be found on the website of the project.

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