Urbalize Recommends: Complexity, Cognition, Urban Planning & Design Conference

2nd Delft International Conference – 10-12 October 2013

CTC (Complexity Theories of Cities) is a domain of research that studies cities from the perspective of the various theories of complexity. The first Delft International conference (September 2009) evaluated the achievements of CTC and looked forward at potentials and challenges yet to be materialized. Among the latter was the insight that in order to better understand and simulate humans’ behavior in cities CTC should make a link to cognitive science views on these issues and to be aware that planning and design are basic cognitive capabilities of humans.

Following this insight the aim of this 2nd Delft international conference is to create a conversation between people from several disciplines that not often talk to each other; namely, between practitioners of CTC, cognitive scientists of spatial behavior, planning and design; researchers of design thinking, urban planners and urban designers.

Confirmed speakers:
• Petra Badke-Schaub – Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

• Michael Batty – University College London, United Kingdom
• Andy Dong – The University of Sydney, Australia
• John Habraken – former head, Dept. of Architecture at MIT, Cambridge, MA
• Bill Hillier – University College London, United Kingdom
• Scott Kelso – Florida Atlantic University, USA
• Stephen Marshall – University College London, United Kingdom
• Han Meyer – Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
• Frits Palmboom – Palmbout Urban Landscapes, The Netherlands
• Juval Portugali – Tel Aviv University, Israel
• Egbert Stolk – Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
• Paul Thagard – University of Waterloo, Canada
• Scott Turner – SUNY-ESF Syracuse, USA
• Barbara Tversky – Stanford University, USA 
Where: Delft University of Technology Faculty of Architecture Julianalaan 134, Berlage room.
When: October 10-12, 2013
Fee: €250/ €50 (students)
Registration: here
Linked-in group: CCUPD

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