Oslo Architecture Triennale – Behind the Green Door

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The first Architecture Triennale was held in 2000 with the title “Urban Life Forms”. Since that starting point every 3 years a new topic was disscussed. As it was in 2003 “Visions for the Capital” or in 2007 “The Culture of Risk” and in 2010 “Man Made”.
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This years edition “Behind the Green Door” is debating and showcasing opportunities of sustainable projects in an urban context. The Triennale was curated by a young Belgian team called Rotor who have collected over 600 objects/projects from architecture offices, companies and environmental organizations all over the world.
A part of this Triennale is also the travelling exhibition called “Copenhagen Solutions” which is trying to show opportunies and the focus that the Copenhagen is becoming a CO2 neutral city with 2025.  Here you can read more about “Copenhagen Solutions” 

This years edition was opened on the 12th September and is running until the 1st December 2013.  For further information check the website of the Festival http://oslotriennale.com/en

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