A Tower In Kreuzberg

In this pilot episode Robert Slinger talks about the Kreuzberg Tower, where he lived on the eighth floor for more than eight years. The project which consists of a tower and its two wings was a social housing project-cum-artist’s-residences built by the architect, educator and poet John Hejduk. (architectuul.com)

Some background information about the “Kreuzberg Tower”

The building was designed by american architect John Hejduk, who belonged to the New York Five.  The ensemble is representing a 14-storey tower where studios are located and two adjoining wings, which act as a residential building. In 1988 people where moving into the 55 apartments. The building was originally built for social housing in Berlin.  The complex of the Kreuzberg Tower is indicative of Hejduk’s late designs that stand out against the former post-modern ideas, especially through their simple geometric shapes and a reduced grays and greens color palette. Even today, the complex with the Kreuzberg Tower is frequently visited by students of architecture.

Further information about the Video project by architectuul.com

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