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You see potential in your neighborhood, but afraid to start something alone? Let’s get inspired by this idea and make it alive in your city!

The event “1oo in 1 day” is a global initiative with a certain wish: To shake the urban masses out of complacency, and compel residents to do 100 little things, dubbed “interventions,” to improve their city in one day.

What’s so good about this idea?
“100 in 1 day” is interesting for several reasons. The first being the offer for a new gathering and creation outlet. The invitation is for people to come together, think about the current reality of the city and play with it. It culminates in a manifestation on 1 day, somewhere out in the city. You can manifest something fun, interesting, important, edgy, colorful, silly… whatever it is that feels valuable for you and the city/community.

Second it is about training the action and prototyping gene. This aspect can help in the visualization of solutions from citizens, toward a better life together. It is about creating content for development within a city or society, and the more visible the content, the more minds to reflect about it, the more we can reveal adjustments needed, which can serve toward better implementation. It designates everyone as a designer and identifies you as important part of shaping the community in which we live.


This idea has started in Bogota in 2012 by a group of Danish and Colombian students.  From the start this project had been a mix of a solution based approach to problem solving and of course a little bit of dreaming too.  The first 100 in 1 Day was held on the 26th May in 2012 with around 3000 resident which had participated in 250 interventions. This idea of dreaming and taking action in one day to get the city what could possible yours of the future was continued in cities like Copenhagen, Cape Town and Montreal and will be this year also take place on 7th June 2014 in the Canadian cities of Toronto, Halifax and Vancouver .

100in1day can


To get an idea what could happen on such a day 3 examples from Bogotá, Copenhagen and Montreal. In Bogotá the ideas were focused on improving the local infrastructure and public places to strengthen the community and the social life in the neighborhoods.

In Copenhagen a group of “interventionist”  rebuild the frame of a bus and walked through the city on a normally heavily used bus rut, to give passengers the chance to talk, and take a brake and being a bit more free during their daily commuting. In Montreal a silent disco a the top of Mount Royal was one of the attractions during that day.


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