Networked Urbanism from Above and Below

The topic of the smart cities is raising attention to many policy makers. But is everything only good or to say it in other words greener with IT technology than it is today?  A criticial view point on the latest development on the smart city is coming from Adam Greenfield a NYC based founder and directior of Urbanscale and Senior Urban Fellow at LSE Cities in London and author of the book “Against the smart city”.

Adam Greenfield – Another City is Possible:

The idea of IT driven urban renewal enjoys considerable intellectual currency at the moment in the popular media as well as conversations in architecture, urban planning, and local government. In this talk, Adam Greenfield will argue that these discourses offer a potentially authoritarian vision of cities under centralized, computational surveillance and control: overplanned, over-determined, and driven by the needs of enterprise. What might some more fruitful alternatives look like? How can we design urban technology that responds to our needs, demands, and desires? Above all, how might we inscribe a robust conception of the right to the city in the technological systems that will do so much to define urban experience in the twenty-first century?

Screen shot 2014-08-01 at 12.20.05 AM

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