City Link Festival – co-creating cities

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What is city-link?

City Link is a co-creating network of artists, activists, cultural entrepreneurs, researchers and people with ideas that link cities.

Anyone who has a desire to connect with people from other cities and countries can create a profile and thereby make themselves visible to a relevant global network of people working culturally or creatively in the city. City Link makes it easier to meet and learn from people working for a sustainable development of our cities. Once you have a profile, you can upload events and places that deserves attention outside the city limit. City Link provides the opportunity to share festivals, conferences, exhibitions and interesting places that host communities working for a common good. City Link gets people to meet and collaborate across cultural and geographical boundaries.

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City Link started in 2012 as a co-creation project between cultural communities in Copenhagen and Hamburg with support from the City of Copenhagen and the City of Hamburg. Until 2014 the network has primarily consisted of people from Hamburg and Copenhagen, but the City Link Festival in Hamburg September 2014 kick starts City Link as a global network connecting people, projects and communities throughout the world.

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CONGRESS title is “Cities, Culture and Sustainability” and will take place on the 12th September in Hamburg. The keynote will be given by Sharon Zukin, Professor of Sociology at the Brooklyn College and Graduate Center, City University of New York.

In a changing world of work and confronted with the consequences of climate and demographic changes, policies that strengthen social coherence are needed. On the background of these changes self-organised initiatives are emerging in many cities that already implement sustainable policies on a project level. Within the frame of the City Link Congress “Cities, Culture & Sustainability” we will present projects from Hamburg and Copenhagen and we will discuss questions like: 

How might culture and urban policies strengthen urban societies? How could they contribute to make our cities more sustainable? How could they help to unfold the creativity of urban dwellers in general? What should we learn from urban communities and self-organised initiatives that evolve on the background of social changes? How can we foster such groups and where can we find space for more sustainable projects in our cities?

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Further information: (City-Link Congress Program)

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