“Wagnis” / Participation and planning

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The housing project of the cooperative “Wagnis”  is located on the site of the former funk barracks, the “Domagk” area in the north of Munich. After the barracks were abandoned, artists from all over the world settled here for years, and at times they formed Europe’s largest artistic colony.

© bauchplan

© bauchplan

Since 2012, a residential complex consisting of five residential buildings has been built west of the remaining “Kunsthof”, with a particular demand for art and culture. The project combines living and working in a community with experimental living forms and an active contribution to the emerging quarter.

The project was planned by the offices “bogevischs buero architekten & stadtplaner GmbH”, “SHAG Schindler Hable Architekten GbR” in cooperation with “bauchplan” & “auböck/kárász”. The architecture and open space design are beyond the usual degrees of freedom and openness. Due to the fact that they are the key factors in this project. Five polygonal buildings containing 138 housing units as well as a variety of possibilities and public utilities are connected on the third and fourth floors of the building.

© bauchplan

© bauchplan

The target of specific possibilities are achieved with basic open-space typologies, which define a design framework. Within this scaffold, there are many opportunities for the inhabitants to interact and develop a flexibly usable open space.

The future residents will be active take self action for the furniture and the future planting. The planning process, which has also succeeded in integrating parts of the artists of the former colony, leads an independent identity of the site from an intermediate use into a city block.

© bauchplan

© bauchplan

Together, the inhabitants determine the individual identity of the “Wagnisart” type project, which carry them into the entire barracks area.

The project has already been awarded with German urban development award 2016 (Deutscher Städtebaupreis 2016 ) before completion.

Further information:

www.wagnis.org (WagnisART) (only available in German)
bauchplan.de (Projekt Wagnis) (only available in German)


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