Finding Shelter in a Club

Architects do not enjoy themselves in a colorful bouncy castle, they celebrate in an inflatable club, shaped like an air-raid bunker and as black as the night, as is the roll-neck sweater of its visitors. Prejudices aside; Exactly in such a mobile club, the after-party took place at the annual celebration of the Federation of Swiss Architects, which has just caused nightlife journalists around the world to be totally astonished.

© Dylan Perrenoud

© Dylan Perrenoud

Behind the project named Shelter is the Geneva office of architecture Bureau A. The shelter has a bar, a DJ desk, a dance floor and furniture, all inflatable. For example, the construction could be used not only at the party of architects, which took place in Geneva on the third of June, but as a bouncy castle from location to location – a dark techno-cellar bouncy castle, so to speak. 

Further Information:

Bureau A – Project Shelter



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