How to lead change in Your City


© Barr Foundation

The Barr Foundation, based in Boston-Massachusetts is one of the most inspiring innovative and active urban change makers we met at the Urban Future Conference 2018 in Vienna.

The Barr Foundation has a mix of programs in the fields of Culture, Climate and Education. Mary Skelton Roberts, is Senior Program Officer for Climate at the Barr Foundation, focusing on transportation and land use – two critical points for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Her aim is to modernize our transit systems and to help communities transform themselves into more walkable, connected places where all residents have attractive alternatives to driving and spend less time and money traveling by car. Although more efficient vehicles and cleaner fuels have kept transportation-related greenhouse effect relatively flat, we can do it better.

Massachusetts can still meet its ambitious climate goals, but not without changing the way how we move around and how we built our communities – the two areas of focus for Barr’s Mobility portfolio. We see these depend on each other. We can’t provide enough low-carbon travel without good transportation options, and we can’t provide enough good transportation options without well-designed communities.

Further Informations:
Barr Foundation – Mobility
Urban Future Conference 2018


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