URBALIZE shares with you information in urbanism, landscape architecture, architecture and urban planning

The Two Founders of Urbalize George Surovov and Thomas Kerekes are educated Landscape Architects with specialization in Urban Design from the University of Copenhagen.

“For us Urban Design is an important part of our life. Therefore we have started the Website Urbalize.com in 2011 to share how amazing and important Urban Design is and how it can affect our lifes.”

To express our vision of giving ideas and visions a sharing platform we were starting “Urbalize”. It should be a platform to give people which are interested in that field an overview what is now happing and present some new stories which you might not know.

We have several contributors which are helping us to make this platform is living the idea of sharing and knowledge dissemination. One of our recent contributors is Rainer Bromann who is doing research in the field of “Top-Down – Bottom up Urbanism”.

If you are now gaining some interest for our project feel free to contact us and become a part of our Urbalize Team via urbalize@gmail.com

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